The Dirt on 

Hello and welcome readers, I'm Noelle!
I am a woman of twenty-six, living in the golden state of Southern California with my wonderful family and adorable pet dog. 
Despite my passion for science, with my Biology degree and presence in the field of health care as a dental hygienist, my seemingly "left-brained" mind desires to explore its more creative side; thus the genesis of this blog. 
I truly believe knowledge is a privilege and education is a blessing. Leonardo da Vinci once said, "learning never exhausts the mind"; these words ring loud and true for me as I have always enjoyed learning new things. Our minds are fueled by stimuli, we might as well feed it with the good stuff. 
Though I am young in years, I have been able to experience many things that I would like to share with you, along with what I have learned from them in the hopes that you can glean something new to fuel your mind.