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Get (Un)Comfortable

We all like to live within our “bubble”. And why not? It’s a place that allows us to feel at ease, safe, secure; but most of all, it is comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a place where we can come to without feeling any pressure, there are no surprises and we know exactly what to expect. Often times, this mentality accompanies us to many areas of our lives such as friendships, work, hobbies/activities, traveling all the way down to the food we eat. However, it is so easy to slip into this repetitive routine of comfort that our bubble provides us, deterring us from anything that would cause even the slightest disruption. We tend to cling to the things we know and understand rather than venture out of our own comfort and experience something new. But why is that?

I’ve come to ask myself this question. Why is it that I like to stay in my own little world, my bubble, that provides such great comfort? Simple, because it is easy. No one likes doing things that are difficult, no one enjoys going through things that are hard; if there’s an easy way out, you can almost guarantee people will take it. But the things that are easy are never filling. As I have reflected on some of my own past experiences, I’ve come to notice a pattern. Those times when I decided to step out of my comfort and try something that was different, new, daunting, intimating and sometimes downright scary; those are the times in my life where I experienced exponential growth. Too many times I have seen comfort slowly metamorphosis into complacency; in my life and the lives of others. I would urge you not to be satisfied with where you are because in those moments when it seems most uncomfortable, that is where you’ll find incredible fulfillment.

Leaving our comfort behind is not something that comes naturally. Rather, it takes a conscious decision to intentionally place ourselves into the uncomfortable unknown. If we always waited until we felt “ready” to take on something new, we would never do it. The key is to jump in, even when you don’t want to, even when everything inside of you is telling you to turn around and run for the hills; do it anyway. One of the greatest decisions I have made was to pursue a career in dental hygiene. The decision to do it was easy; the process in becoming a hygienist, not so much. I can’t even count the times I was so nervous going into written or clinical exams, the times I felt inadequate, the times I called my mom crying, the times I wanted to quit and give up and the times I felt extremely uncomfortable. Every day I had to make the decision to push forward and push myself out of my bubble because I saw the goal at the end of it all. Looking at it all now I can see how much I have changed and developed through that uncomfortable process. Even though it was hard and challenging, I came out confident and self-assured that I could actually do it. I could trudge through the grime and mud and come out victorious. Time and time again, I have seen it. People go through things that are so out of their element, so out of what is comfortable to find they can not only make it to the other side, but become an even better version of themselves than they ever thought possible!

This means taking is a leap of faith with goal that you want to achieve. No matter what you are going to do, it is important to establish what is your end game and set a goal; this will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are at your weakest point. This new mentality can be applied to so many different areas of your life and can be as big or small as you want it to be. If you are thinking of a career change, wanting to pursue a relationship, exploring a new part of town or a new part of the world, trying a new food, picking up a new hobby, learning to speak a new language or reconnecting with a an estranged loved one; take the step! New York Times bestselling author, Rachel Hollis, says, “I’d actually prefer to go through the hard, confusing process of figuring out and asking questions and seeking guidance than settling for the cushy comfort zone where life isn’t hard, but where I don’t grow.” Whatever it is, pulling yourself out of your bubble will generate change, growth and maturity. We have believed this lie that we have to feel ready in order to change, the lie that the only thing that is missing is motivation. In order to experience change, you will have to leave your bubble behind and do the things that are difficult and uncertain. You will never feel like doing it. Do it anyway and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

And that’s the dirt!

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