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Summer Essentials: Part 1

Updated: May 26, 2023

Summertime is in the air! The sunlight stretches long into the day, light breezes fill the trees and flowers, warm evenings filled by late night gatherings, grills on full blast with the promise of delicious barbecue, splashing in the pool, lake or beach, excitement building as vacations round the corner and endless fun. With summer upon us, it’s important to be prepared for all the varies activities and festivities that this time brings. To ensure you are well equipped for summer 2022, I have complied a list of 22 (in no particular order) summertime essentials that I find I cannot live without!

1. Hawaiian Tropic Sports 50 SPF

First and foremost, sun protection. Too many times proper SPF is forgotten from daily routine and skin damage ensues. This one in particular is my favorite to use, it comes in either lotion or spray for whichever application you prefer. For me, I like to have sunscreen that smells good; I know, I’m weird. But this one has a wonderful tropical/coconut smell that makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii! To top it all off, it has high SPF that is long-lasting and will keep covered during those sunny days.

2. Supergoop! Shimmershade Eyeshadow

A new favorite to my cosmetic arsenal is the Supergoop! Eyeshadow. (Pictured on the right.) This is a little different from your typical eyeshadow. It’s a cream texture and great for a quick and easy application, just use your finger to swipe and pat onto the desired area. Not only does this new eyeshadow come in four dreamy, shinny colors (I like the color “First Light”); but it contains 30 SPF. So while your eyelids will be popping with shimmery goodness, you can rest assured that they are also being protected from the sun!

3. Tinted Foundation SPF:

Something I always look at before purchasing any kind of foundation, cover up or concealer is: does it have SPF? It just makes sense; while covering up any undesired blemishes, you’re also covering your face from sun damage. I chose my top three that I alternate between depending on the desired coverage and finish I want.

For a light, easy coverage, I’m a huge fan of Supergoop! Glowscreen. This provides good protection with 40 SPF meanwhile creating that lovely dewy finish that leaves your skin glowing. For a little more coverage both for sun and blemishes, Elta MD UV Daily is a great one. It has 40 SPF but it also works to protect against UVA and UVB rays and helps fight visible signs of aging. I mean, who doesn’t want to combat signs of aging?

For the fullest coverage, I use It Cosmetics CC+ Cream. This one feels and covers more like a foundation than a tint; it leaves a nice smooth, matte finish that lasts throughout the day. Unlike the previous two, this cream has up to 50 SPF and provides shoppers with twelve shades that cater to a variety of skin tones.

4. Sand Cloud Beach Towel

From an advertisement on Instagram, straight to my beach bag. (Pictured on the left.) These beach towels are 100% organic Turkish cotton with a sand resistant design. There are a lot of different sizes, but for me, I purchased their “Party Blanket”. A party blanket indeed; it’s 85”x 91” and can fit multiple people on it for those summer hangouts with friends and family.

5. Just Nutritive Tanning Lotion

This tanning lotion will forever be a favorite of mine. It’s meant to be used for indoor but I’ve used it for outdoor tanning and have found great results. It contains Vitamins E and B5 as well as other natural ingredients that help you achieve a deep tan.

6. Straw Hat

Hats are another great option to help protect you from those sun rays. For the summer, the straw hat is a go to for me. Not only is it light weight and protective, but a cute extra accessory to any outfit. There are so many unique shapes and styles to choose from depending on what look you are going for! Wide brim hats provide lots of shade and coverage, as the brim can reach up to ten inches. Bucket hats have become increasingly popular as it fits snugly on the head with a slightly floppy brim and sometimes even a chinstrap. The gambler hat features a medium brim with a slightly flared brim around the sides giving it a western feel. The lifeguard hat dents down on the crown of the head with a brim that dips down and fans out. Whichever style you go with, you’ll be ready to take on the day knowing you’ve got another layer of protection.

7. Sunglasses

I know this isn’t all that specific, but I like to make sure that I have a pair of sunnies on hand. Everyone has a different face shape, what may look good on one person may not work for the next. But I will say, two of my favorite spots I like to scout out a new pair of glasses are Nordstrom Rack and Sacks Fifth Off. Both are related to their department stores respectively and both have ample supply of glasses for their shoppers. I like them because they have a wide variety of styles and brands without the high prices. From the good ole ten-dollar glasses to name brand Gucci, Prada or Fendi; they’ve got it, you just need to hunt down that perfect pair!

8. Rag and Bone: Summer Passenger Mesh Tote

This tote bag has quickly climbed to the top of my wardrobe. (Pictured on the right.) It is made of a recycled cotton netting with a beautiful suede trim complete with two straps to wear over the shoulder and a long strap to wear cross-body. Even though the bag is netting, it holds its structure fairly well and doesn’t create that deep sag when filled with items. This bag is multifunctional, I’ve used it as a carry on for flights, a beach bag and an everyday purse. You can really load up this bag with all kinds of goodies; all my purse items, a forty-ounce water bottle and a jacket all fit, with room to spare!

*Shoppers tip: this bag can be found on Nordstrom Rack for a little cheaper!*

9. Apple MagSafe Wireless Portable iPhone Charger

For those long summer days where I’m out and about and don’t have access to an outlet to charge my phone, the MagSafe wireless charger has been a staple. I’ve used this charger when my battery was at 10-15% and it charged it all the way to 100% with more charging capabilities to spare. It’s also nice because it doesn’t have any cords that get in the way.

10. Apple AirTag

The AirTag has been a useful tool for me to keep track of items that I want to make sure I don’t lose. You can add the AirTag on your “Find My” app on your phone and voila, you will know where your item is at all times! I keep mine on a keychain on my keys because they sometimes like to disappear on me. I always get so paranoid about my luggage being lost while traveling so I placed my tag in my suit case on my most recent trip and it gave me peace of mind knowing that my bag made it onto my flights with me.

11. Olaplex Nº.7 Bonding Oil

Keep your hair looking and feeling good during the hot summer months with the Olaplex Bonding oil. (Pictured on the left.) It helps maintain color vibrancy, increases shine and softness while strengthening and protecting hair structure. Not to mention it helps to repair damaged hair. It really does it all!

For the final 11 items of the summer essentials list, stay tuned!

And that’s the dirt!

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