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Travel Essentials

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

It is my personal belief that travel is among the greatest treasures in life. What a gift it is to immerse yourself completely in something that is so different from what you know; to experience another’s way of life, food, environment, architecture, clothing, history and culture. Not only is it an opportunity to have fun and explore new places, but it has been found that traveling can actually have positive effects on one’s mental health. Travel provides high levels of stimulation that the brain is constantly taking in, as a result, new neural pathways are created. It can also help improve mood and emotions.

In case you haven’t caught on already, I am a big fan of traveling. It is an incredible privilege and I have been fortunate enough to travel both within the United States and around the world. I love everything about it; the anticipation of arrival, the excitement of what lies ahead, seeing breath-taking views, learning history and culture and stepping out into something totally new. But what to pack?! As I have traveled, there are a few items that I have found make almost every trip with me that have made things easier, more comfortable and convenient.

1. CALPAK Backpack

I recently got a backpack that has been my favorite weekend bag and/or carry-on. The CALPAK “Terra 26L Laptop Backpack Duffel” (pictured below and to the right) is a

bag with multiple different compartments on the

outside as well as the inside to organize all your different items. It comes in five different colors and doubles as both a backpack and duffel. If you plan to use this as your carry-on, you can go hands

free and use the luggage trolley sleeve to attach to your suitcase! I have used this in almost all my traveling since I got it, it really does fit a lot without feeling super big and bulky.

2. Flat Water Bottle

Something that I had been seeing a lot was the flat water bottles. I have used it as a little water bottle for my travels to keep in my purse in case I don’t have access to water right away or just really need a sip. There are a ton of options on Amazon, but I got the “Memobottle A7” six ounce water bottle. It’s about the size of your palm and it fits great in a purse or bag.

*Pro Tip: For you skiers and snowboarders out there, this is a great water bottle to take up on the slopes with you; it’s flat and small, it fits great in your pocket!

3. Trtl Neck Pillow

Another internet craze I had been seeing was the Trtl neck pillow (pictured to the left). I have had the hardest time finding a neck pillow that was supportive and comfy but also easy to pack. Although it isn’t necessarily small, it is easy to pack in and around. But boy, is it supportive and very comfy. I used it for the first time on a trip recently and fell asleep; that normally does not happen for me! It is a bit on the pricey side, but worth it for those long plane rides.

4. Apple Watch Charger Keychain

For anyone that has an Apple watch, sometimes you run out of battery during the day-most inconvenient. You can get a small keychain sized, cordless charger for your watch on Amazon. It is very small and can go right in your purse or bag without taking up a lot of space; it’s perfect for charging on the fly.

5. Cincha Travel Belt

A recent purchase for me is the Cincha Travel Belt (pictured to the right). I hate whenever I have my carryon on top of my suitcase and it goes toppling over. This travel belt comes in multiple colors, prints and is customizable. It is very sturdy and keeps both your bag and suitcase all together and secure.

6. Pocket Hand Sanitizer

A great way to make sure your hands stay nice and clean is having hand sanitizer on you. Except I don’t like sanitizers that are big and round and hard to fit in smaller purses. I have been using pocket hand sanitizers instead and have loved traveling with them because they are small and slim. You can find them at Amazon, Sephora, Ulta and Target. Decide which scent you want to go with, pack that in your purse and always be prepared with sanitizer while you’re on the go!

7. Travel Bottles

I prefer to use my own shampoo, conditioner etc. When traveling, I have been liking the "Gemice" reusable travel bottle set from Amazon. It comes in a pack of four with different colors to coordinate your toiletries and are completely leak-proof.

8. Travel Perfume Reusable Bottle

The “Brarios Travel Perfume Atomizer” refillable perfume bottle is great for taking your favorite fragrances with you without being big and bulky all while being TSA compliant.

9. Essential oil organizer

Essential oils are, well, essential for my travels. I almost always pack three to four different oils that are some of my go-tos. To keep it all together and in one location, I use my Young Living travel case (pictured to the left). This is a cute pink velour case that fits up to five oils and keeps them from clanking around.

10. Airplane Phone Mount

It’s no surprise that my last item is also found on Amazon. There are mounts you can find for your phone that clip onto the seat back tray in front of you that allows you to go hands free. I know the long flights have screens to watch movies and shows, but sometimes you want to watch your own thing that the plane doesn’t offer. If that’s the case, then this is perfect for your travels!

Wherever your travels take you whether it’s a few days or few months, a couple hundred miles from home or a couple thousand away from home. I hope that these essentials make you feel prepared and at ease as you get ready to take on new adventures!

And that’s the dirt!

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