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Denim Daze

Perhaps one of fashion’s most iconic fabrics to style the men and women of the world is denim. Or at least that’s how I see it! Denim has graced the fashion world for decades, actually, centuries, with its origins dating back in the 1800s. What originally started as a sturdy, long-lasting alternative ensemble needed for the working class, has metamorphosed into a runway hit and found a home in the closets of so many across the world.

Denim wasn't always as glamorous as we know it to be today. It actually comes from quite humble origins. Denim was first created in Nîmes, France where a cotton fabric was weaved using the twill technique. The warp threads of the denim are dyed in indigo while the weft, passes under two or more warp threads, remains undyed; giving us the classic blue jean on the outside and white on the inside. Denim became wildly popular in America during the big California Gold Rush in 1853. Gold miners were in desperate need of clothes that was stronger, more durable, with less affinity to tearing in order to last those long days of work. Dynamic duo, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss opened up shop as the suppliers of such work apparel. It was a match made in heaven and to this day, the brand lives on with great success. I wonder if they ever thought that this company would strike gold (pun intended) as one of the world’s most popular denim suppliers?

How denim has changed since then! It began sparking popularity with the non-working members of society when Hollywood began incorporating denim jeans into old Western films to dress their hunky cowboys in. Jeans were glamorized as a result and soon became known as an American classic. So many of the greats throughout history have rocked the denim jeans, instantly creating iconic looks. Let’s examine a few.

From Left to Right:

John Wayne, back in Hollywood’s Golden Age around the 1930s in his complete cowboy getup.

Elvis Presley (1960s), making girls across the world swoon at the very sight of him, decked out in denim.

Ferrah Fawcett in her famous skateboard picture accompanied by some cool bell-bottomed jeans, in the filming of Charlie’s Angels in the 1970s.

From Left to Right:

Teenage Michael Jackson (1980s) already showing us his fun and innovative style in his studded jeans.

Women’s group Destiny’s Child (1990s) in the low rise, fully embellished denim; perfect for a girl-power band.

This last one needs no introduction, the historic couple of the 90s: JT and Britney Spears in all denim, matching fits for the red carpet.

Probably my favorite styling item and my forever go-to for every outfit is, you guessed it, denim! It is so easy, and quite fun, to style. From an everyday street wear look to dazzled up for a night out on the town; it can go with every occasion. Currently loving that the 90s have been given new life in the form of denim jeans. The baggy, loose, distressed jeans are perfect for a day running errands or for an edgy, modern evening look. Denim is not only designed as pants, but tops, cute bralettes and jackets and I am here for it all. What’s fun about denim now is the variety, there isn’t a particular wash or cut that you need to stick to so it allows for a lot of freedom when putting together outfits.

Here are some of my favorite looks that have me in a denim daze!

What started as regular work wear has transformed and blossomed over the years, proving to be a fashion powerhouse. Whatever the day, whatever the occasion, you can confidently reach for that denim piece in your closet knowing that you’re on top of the fashion game and stylin’.

And that’s the dirt!

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