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Summer. A most anticipated season where school is out, getaway vacations are planned, late night bonfires are attended; where refreshing cold treats are devoured and barbecue cook outs are a must. The days grow longer and the temperature rises, awakening the world with its vibrant colors and infectious energy. But what does every summer bring? What is the one thing that never changes year after year? Sunshine; always arriving without fail, like a radiant goddess casting her golden glow on everything in her path. As we embrace the beauty of the sun and bask in its summer rays, we need to be wary of its effects on the skin. The ultraviolet rays, among others, are emitted from the sun and enter the skin cells and disrupt the process of cellular turnover. Long term exposure can lead to less skin elasticity, thus creating thinned, wrinkled and leathery skin. To combat the sun’s harmful rays, you’re going to need sunscreen and lots of it, as well as a few other things to add to your arsenal to get you through the cruel summer. (And que Bananarama’s Cruel Summer!)

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorites that are my go-to sunshine essentials or sun-ssentials, if you will! We’ll first look at a few items for sun protection and then some items that you’ll want on hand to help calm your skin after sun exposure or in case you end up getting burned (pun intended)!

Sun Protection

1. Onekind Soladrops SPF 55 Daily Broad Spectrum Serum:

A recent discovery for me but something I am reaching for every morning, is this broad spectrum serum that is loaded with SPF to get you through the day. It’s really light in texture and consistency, has a slight tint to it and leaves a glowy, dewy look. Another plus, it doesn’t feel thick or heavy like other sunscreens, but definitely keeps your face covered.

2. Onekind Lip Balm Remedy SPF 15: From the same company, their SPF chapstick is great for protecting your lips on those days out. Keeping them nice and moisturized with a little SPF boost!

3. Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule: Numerous studies have highlighted the powerful antioxidant properties of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, the active form of vitamin C, neutralizes free radicals induced by UV radiation, reducing oxidative stress on the skin and mitigating sun-induced damage. But it doesn’t stop there, studies have explored the synergistic effects of combining vitamin C serums with traditional sunscreen. The incorporation of vitamin C in sunscreen formulations has been found to enhance their photoprotective properties and prolong protection against UV damage. My favorite is Missha’s Vita C serum, I use it often as part of my skin care routine and have loved the results. It works great as a brightening serum while also minimizing the appearance of dark spots. I also feel that it has helped as part of my sunscreen regime, keeping my face, neck and chest better protected.

4. All Good Get Glowing Lip and Cheek Tint: I love adding just a hint of cheek color when I’m doing my makeup and have enjoyed using this one in particular. Not only does it add a little pop of color but also provides an extra layer of protection with SPF built in.

5. Hats: Probably one of the more obvious ways to protect yourself from those sun rays but nonetheless, it never hurts to add!! Hats cover your scalp (which for us ladies with a hair part is great), face, neck and depending on the hat, the back of the neck and part of the shoulders. While you’re adding yet another layer of sun protection, an extra accessory is added to the mix giving your outfit a little extra pop with your summer outfit!

Pro Tip** Currently loving the bucket hat trend; be sure to grab one, they’re everywhere!

After Sun

1. Young Living LavaDerm After Sun Spray: Run, don’t walk and snag this item. This has been a game changer for those times when I’m not as diligent with my sunscreen and end up looking like a ripe tomato. This spray works similarly to aloe vera, but uses the power of essential oils. It contains menthol from mint that provides relief from the effects of the sun as well as lavender and helichrysum essential oils to help prevent peeling of the skin. Every time I use this, I am blown away. I can attest to noticeably less redness and discomfort the next morning after application; I’m obsessed and will never go back!

2. Whole Maker After Sun Tallow Whip: I love this product for any kind of after sun exposure (burned or not). This tallow whip is different in that it contains more than usual oils such as rosehip, raspberry, pomegranate and sea buckthorn seed oils as well as aloe vera and essential oils; all combined to help with soothing and hydrating skin after a day out in the sun.

Pro Tip** I love combining the Young Living Lavaderm Spray with the After Sun Tallow Whip for maximum relief and results!

3. MitoLife Vitamin E Oil: It has been found that Vitamin E oil can offer some relief to the skin after sun exposure. When the skin is exposed to excessive sun, it experiences an increase in free radicals that leads to sunburn and inflammation. Applying Vitamin E oil can promote healing and repair the damaged skin cells all while minimizing redness and alleviating discomfort. You can use any Vitamin E oil; however, I like MitoLife’s Vitamin E oil supplements. You can use it both internally and topically. I like to use it topically whenever I have a burn, simply poking a hole in the capsule and squeezing a small amount onto the fingers and applying to affected areas.

4. Young Living Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Carrot seed oil is rich in nutrients such as beta-carotene, Vitamins E and A and antioxidants. These compounds found in carrot seed oil help combat free radicals generated by UV radiation, prevent oxidative stress and premature aging. This is particularly good to use after sun exposure due to its anti-inflammatory, regenerative and rejuvenation properties. Carrot seed oil aids in the restoration of the skin’s protective barrier and facilitates the healing process. I have to be honest though, it doesn’t smell the best, but boy does it help with those sunburns!

The sun's warmth and brightness bring joy to our lives, but it is essential to recognize the potential harm it can cause to our skin. Prioritizing sun protection when spending time outside, especially in the summer months is vital. Should sunburn occur, these tried and true products can alleviate discomfort and aid in recovery. Remember, taking proactive steps towards sun protection is not just about preserving youthful skin; it's about safeguarding our health and well-being in the long run. So, the next time you step out to bask in the summer sun, do it responsibly and confidently with your protective shield in place.

And that’s the dirt!


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